Saturday, 27 September 2014

Boil Washing Doll Hair

 I'm sure there's an exception to every rule but, generally speaking, every doll suffers at least some form of box hair. For this tutorial Maddie and Briar from Ever After High will be my models. These  girls have long hair and 'soft curls' which look a fright straight out of the box, a situation not helped at all by brushing. While these girls have curls, the method is generally the same with straight haired dolls

Boil washing will remove the greasy feel and any 'product' (i.e. glue!) put in during manufacture. After washing you also have the option of conditioning, however, this is not essential.

Step 1 - Prep
Take off all clothes and accessories. I gave the girls little toga spa gowns (but am now motivated to sew them robes for next time!). While Maddie's not fussed, I don't think Briar is happy with my choice of outfit!

Brush out the hair using their brush (or a wig brush), starting from the ends and working up to the roots.

* never use any brush that has been used on human hair as there can be oil transfer.

Step 2 - Wash
Boil the water and pour into a small jug. Then, slowly lower the hair into the water and immerse for about 15-20 seconds.

* be super careful when taking your doll out of the water as her hair will be very hot! Hold her over the jug for about 30 seconds and just let the excess drip while she cools down a little.

* wrap the wet hair in a towel and squeeze the water out gently. If you rub to much she will just re-frizz.

Step 3 (optional) - Condition
Take a small amount of conditioner and rub into the ends of the hair. Leave for 30 seconds or so then rinse thoroughly.

* make sure you get out all the conditioner, else she will still have greasy hair when she dries.

* while wig conditioner for nylon hair would be preferable normal 'human' conditioner works fine. Look for one with fewer ingredients and make sure it is OIL FREE.

Oil is absorbed into human hair but just coats nylon, making it greasy.

Step 4
Brush out the hair and leave to air dry

And that's it!

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