Friday, 14 November 2014

How to make a Doll Parasol - for Monster High and Barbie

Spring is almost over!
Time to make the most of it. I'm thinking picnics and puppies in the park... and the perfect accessory? Why, a parasol, of course!

These adorable parasols are easy to make in whichever colours you like.

What you need
< For the parasol >
                                                         A cocktail umbrella
Small piece of lace - a wide piece of trim may be used
Gathered lace trim for edge

< For the handle >
Embroidery thread in 1 or 2 colours
Paddlepop (popsicle) stick

Step 1
Open up the umbrella
Use your sharpie to trace the outline of one section on the umbrella

Step 2
Carefully peel away the wax paper from the 'ribs' of the umbrella
Cut out the triangle you marked out earlier. This is your pattern for the pieces of the canopy.

Step 3
Use your triangle pattern piece to cut out 8 pieces of lace

Step 4
Apply glue to one of the ribs and line up one of the lace triangles. Press down to secure.

Repeat, securing the opposite edge of the lace triangle on the next rib.

* if you are unfamiliar with using a glue gun craft glue can be substituted. The glue gun dries very fast and you don't really get second chances when it come to aligning the lace.

Step 5
Work your way around the parasol, layering the edges of each canopy piece.

Step 6

Apply a drop of glue on the underside edge of the parasol.
Line up the lace trim and affix around the edge with glue.

Step 7
Finish with a small piece of lace around the 'spike' on the top

Step 8
Cut a small piece of embroidery thread about 12cm long
Place thread along the top of the paddle-pop stick.
Wrap all of the embroidery threads around the stick about 15 times

Step 9
Take each end of the small length of thread and tie together tightly.
Side threads off the stick

Step 10
Take another piece of embroidery thread - I have used a contrasting colour but this is not necessary, it just depends on how you want your tassel to look.

Wrap this piece around the top of the bunch of threads close to the tie and secure tightly with a knot. You can also use a needle and thread to complete this step which enables you to secure the thread without a visible knot.

Step 11
Make sure the ends are even and cut

Step 12
Attach tassel to parasol handle with tape.
Tie a small loop of embroidery thread around the tape.
Using a ribbon, wrap the tape to create a handle, leaving knot free.

Secure with needle and thread.

And you're done!
Picture time!

You can use the loop to secure around your doll's wrist. Then, prop the handle up with her hand. This works best with Monster High doll which have wrist joints and removable hands. So she holds her parasol up all by herself! Ace for pictures!

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