Saturday, 6 December 2014

Garage Sale Score!

Late last night I noticed an online ad for a garage sale with a pic of the some of the coolest vintage Barbie furniture. I was so there. Of course, the chick who walked down the driveway ahead of me grabbed the little blue table and chairs with matching sideboard before I could reach the table they were sat on. Devastated. But I really should stop complaining as I still walked away with some pretty good scores ^-^.

The whole haul for less than $20!

A couple of Barbie brand vintage blazers and a gorgeous Skipper swing coat for my Blythe girls!

 A pink fridge and working plumbing in the kitchen!
New bathroom decor in the only colour a girl needs 
And maybe the cotolest - and most unique item found was this weird looking vintage Micky!

On another note, new Monster High Freaky Field Trip and Monster Exchange have both hit stores! I'll post an unboxing vid tomorrow  ^-^  

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