Thursday, 4 December 2014

Monster High Porter Geiss Review- Haunted Manster!

So excited about this new Manster! From the Monster High haunted line, Porter Geiss, son of a poltergeist.

This is a really beautiful doll! I really like how the MH ghosts are depicted using the chain motif (in a nod to Dickens?) and clear limbs.
Something I didn't actually end up saying on the review is how Porter differs in this respect from the ghosts. Rather than clear plastic, his arms are made out of an opaque rubber or vinyl. Tres cool!
The other thing I didn't say - because I didn't realise until after I had posted the video - is that Porter's sturdy boots and articulated ankle joints actually allow him to stand on his own! Even though he comes with a beautiful 'chain' stand this is an awesome feature!
Could he get any cooler?
I hope you like him as much as I do! Dx

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