Friday, 9 January 2015

DIY Dolly Clothes Rack

 Happy New Year all!
Christmas is over and it's time to get busy! Actually, I have been crazy busy... that's why it's been so light on the blog front... but anyways...

I thought I would share this little project. I found a little stand alone mirror with a draw and thought it would make the perfect little clothes rack for one of my girls. It is so pretty, with a mother-of-pearl detail and room for accessories and shoes....

The mirror was screwed into it's stand on either side with ornamental pegs. They were easily unscrewed and put aside for some future project.

I measured up the distance between each side of the stand and cut a piece of dowel to fit. The dowel was painted brown to match the rest of the piece and sealed to ensure the paint doesn't chip off, even when supporting little clothes on wire hangers.

The wooden dowel was soft enough to be push through the hole about a  1/2 centimetre extra so I could fit either end into the rack.
So easy!!!
Now I just need something to hang on it! I'm thinking hangers.
I made this little contraption out of a scrap of wood and 3 nails. I used nails with little heads so the wire doesn't catch on them.
I got the coloured wire from the craft store.
**Make sure you measure between your dolly's shoulders to determine the width of your hangers.**
These were actually quite easy to make. It did take a little persuasion to made them the right shape and no two will ever be exactly the same but that's kinda what I like about them ^-^.
And there you go! One tiny coat hanger. Now repeat!
Too cute! 
And Nancy seems well pleased!
I will be posting a DIY tutorial every month, so check back soon *^-^*


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